Local Business SEO Results

Effective Local Internet Marketing and Local Business SEO Results are not ONLY about achieving the top ranking in Google.

With strong competition even for many Local Results, it’s important to work on longtail keyword phrases that actual “buying” customers will be using. Many supposed ‘SEO Experts’ simply use Google Analytics to identify the ‘top’ keyword & work to get that result listed #1 for their client. This strategy often results in pursuing highly competitive (and therefor very expensive) keywords, many of which do not even have an effective “sales conversion”.

Local Business success lies in finding the BEST search terms that customers are using who are ready to actually BUY any given product or service. The goal is not simply be at the top of the Search Engine results, but to “OWN” the pages where potential customers are searching on Google for solutions to their immediate problems.

Click on the screen-shots below for a full resolution version that shows the details of the Local Business SEO Results. This first page shows how we can obtain multiple results on a given search terms on Google.

Local Business SEO Results

Here is another example of a result from the same Local Business that also includes their “Google Places” Listing. A different search term was used in this example, but their was still more than one result result for our client.

Local Business SEO Results

This screen capture is an example of pure “SEO Results”. This illustrates how effective use of advanced SEO techniques got this website to the #1 Organic Search Result with over 347 MILLION competing websites!

Local Business SEO Results

Local Business SEO Results can generate a huge amount of new customers from an intelligent Online Marketing Campaign. By engaging a thoughtful Local SEO Marketing professional you can quickly establish your Local Business as a force to be reckoned with!

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