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Digital Video Production for Business

Digital Video Production for Business

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Digital video promotion is now one of the most cost-effective ways to market your small or midsized business – this is particularly the case if you are promoting your videos on YouTube. This is even more self evident if you are making a direct comparison with the kind of results you may have already obtained using traditional SEO techniques for your website results. Naturally traditional SEO is still an effective way to drive potential customers to your website however, the competition to rank your website on page one has grown extremely intense over the last several years. In contrast, digital video marketing remains an essentially untapped resource and it is still relatively easy to rank your videos highly in the search engine results. This is particularly the case since Google introduced ‘universal search’ into its algorithm: ‘universal search’ renders different ‘streams’ into it’s results page. For instance, Google will now return news, image, video as well as traditional website results for any particular search term or keyword.



This short article gives you an idea of just some of the significant marketing benefits you will get when using digital video media to promote your products or services. This is a list of some of the more important benefits you can expect with your video marketing campaign:

1 – Cost effectiveness. As mentioned before, one of the biggest advantages of using digital video media is the high return on investment. Producing the actual videos is actually much more affordable than most business owners realize and getting those videos to rank well in the search engine results is much easier than getting your website onto page one of Google. As a result, you will not need to invest nearly as much into your video marketing campaign as you would for a comparable website SEO campaign.

2 – Zeroing in on a very targeted group of potential customers. One of the primary reasons why videos are such an effective marketing tool is the fact that your audience is more likely to be interested in watching a targeted and related video than read a large block of text that essentially gives the same information. As you may know, gaining the interest of your market is already half the battle, and videos can help win them over and make it more likely for them to buy the products or services that you’re offering.

3 – Allows you to add a personal touch. As a marketer, you probably know that trust plays a huge factor in whether or not people will purchase you’re offering. When you use video as a promotional tool you are automatically giving your brand its own ‘personality’ and as a result, your likelihood of establishing a relationship with the customer and ultimately making a sale, will increase.

4 – Video allows you to connect with a massive audience. Millions of people already use YouTube to search for information and products reviews which allows you to tap into a huge pre-existing marketplace. Recently YouTube has taken over the number two spot for search engine use and is now ahead of Yahoo! and Bing.

5 – Video marketing can be used as a powerful lead generation and qualification tool. This is because a company sponsored video can create a much better active response from a potential customer in comparison to them having read similar text on a web-page.

6 – YouTube has its own a built-in Analytics tool that allows you to extract a great deal of important data. In fact YouTube’s Analytics gives you deep access to much of the demographic information needed to analyze the success of your marketing campaign.



In conclusion, video promotion, and in particular YouTube Marketing, is an extremely effective way to build up your customer base without taking a massive hit to your budget. Make sure that you choose the right video marketing company to do the work for you so that you will be able to get great value on your investment.

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