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How to Generate Website Traffic

Creating the website itself is a relatively straight forward process, although of course, it will still take a certain amount of time and effort. However the real work lies in actually driving targeted Website Traffic, especially since you are ultimately looking for customers who are ready to buy your product or service. Unfortunately, simply posting your website online without thought of promotion will not generate any Website Traffic or interest in your site.

Website / Blog creation:

  • Create a ‘Static’ eCommerce Website. An alternative would be to add an eCommerce Plugin to a WordPress Blog assuming you want to sell physical items online. Either option might be appropriate, but whichever you chose, a Blog may still be recommended as a powerful tool to help in the process of driving as much Website Traffic as possible.
  • Custom Images and Graphics. Both general images and more specific product pictures will be needed.
  • Set up the eCommerce components of the website including the creation of a Merchant Account.
  • Design of the eCommerce site layout and navigation. Product images will need to be uploaded to the appropriate ‘Buy Now’ pages.
  • Write compelling Sales and Product copy. This is another element in the website creation you may elect to outsource to professional commercial writers.
Hire an SEO Consultant

Generate Website Traffic:

  • Optimize your website to generate the maximum amount of targeted online traffic. This will include selecting the correct URL for your site and adding the most effective metatags, H1 Headers and the correct density of keywords in the visible text.
  • Local Traffic – a good starting place is to generate traffic within your own local city or zip codes. You have a reasonable chance of ranking high relatively quickly on a local search.  A high national ranking for any given keyword phrase might be a longer term goal. You must be aware that this is an option that will require a much greater investment in both time and financial resources.
  • Keyword Analysis – what are the best keywords to pursue? You need to select keyword expressions that are not too difficult to win, but at the same time still have a large amount of traffic with a strong potential conversion rate.
  • Submit the website to search engines, online business directories, social bookmarking sites and RSS directories.
  • Utilize automatic content posting software built into a WordPress Direct blogs (this content is pulled from YouTube, RSS Feeds and Yahoo! Answers).
  • Create keyword dense website text in addition to sales and promotional content.
  • Construct a mechanism to capture customer e-mail addresses for future e-mail marketing campaigns. Typically this might involve offering free media or useful information as an incentive for future customers to opt-in to your mailing list.
  • Pay Per Click Advertising. Google PPC is a very expensive option, but there are now alternatives to Google AdWords that are much cheaper and these options may be a viable alternative for your business depending on your own goals and your specific online competition.
  • Generate multiple streams of Backlinks to your website. This can be a major and time-consuming component of your strategy, but it remains one of the most important for ways to generate targeted Website Traffic.
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