SEO Process

​We provide a powerful SEO process that is ​a cutting edge strategy new for 2018 and beyond. The outline below is designed to give you a broad outline of some of the procedures we use, however we use a completely proprietary system that we cannot completely disclose.!

​Month 1 is devoted to laying foundation and making sure the website is being seen as an authority in the eyes of search engines. It's important to build a "ring of trust" around the website by leveraging social media properties, web 2.0 sites, and other tools.

​Month 1 SEO Plan

Website Build
- Design a geo-targeting campaign for ​your state
- Create pages for all cities with ​larger populations
- Optimize pages for SEO
- Add unique schema markup to all pages
- Index pages in search engine

On-page SEO
- Optimize content where applicable
- Ensure website is technically sound and able to be indexed
- Interlink site where applicable

Off-page SEO
- Build local citations
- Index local citations
- Boost citations using second tier links
- Create "Web 2.0 Ring of Trust"
- Index ring of trust sites
- Create IFTTT Network
- Build social signals to website to help build authority

Month 2 SEO Plan

Website Build
- Design a geo-targeting campaign for ​your state - additional keywords
- On-page SEO for geo-pages
- Create content for geo-pages
- Optimize content where applicable
- Interlink site where applicable

Off-page SEO
- Build additional links to website
- Create links from aged authority Web 2.0 blogs
- Create additional social signals
- Add links from website leveraging our network of publishing partners (blog
- Additional tasks as needed to improve rankings

​Of course we'll take care of ALL the details - the information above is simply to give you an impression of how an effective SEO strategy is designed. The reality is that we use many other specific procedures that we cannot show because out process is so far beyond that of our competitors!